JB seen limping around in a cast at “The Show”

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GOT7’s JB has been seen limping around in a cast.

He injured his leg while filming for Running Man and apparently his condition worsened while he and GOT7 were pre-recording for “The Show“.

There was supposed to be a second pre-recording scheduled, but it had to be canceled due to Jaebum’s worsening injury.

Beacuse of JB’s condition, Yugyeom will be stepping in for him as a special MC for “The Show”.

GOT7 JB seen limping around in a cast at The Show

Get well soon JB! Despite everything, JB is still in high spirits.


He uploaded a selfie thanking fans for preparing a meal for him. After his recording, he rolled down his car window and thanked his fans for all their good thoughts and support.

Everyone’s making the best of the situation, being cheerful and taking care of JB.

Manager Seunghoon was seen lifting JB’s mood by energetically carrying him around everywhere.

We love GOT7 and all of their staff for being so positive and upbeat.

It’s bceause of these types of situation that we can see how close everyone is to each other.
GOT7 JB seen limping around in a cast at The Show 1

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