GOT7 is missing 2 members at the 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert

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GOT7 missing 2 members at SBS 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert

GOT7 is looking more like GOT5 at SBS’s 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert held on September 20th.

The group is missing members Jackson and Bambam today.

Jackson suffered an ankle injury earlier while filming for “Let’s Go Dream Team“, and Bambam is carrying out a schedule in Thailand.

The other boys are looking strangely empty while posing for photos on the red carpet, but of course they still look mighty dashing.

GOT7 missing 2 members at SBS 2015 Hallyu Dream Concert

We hope that Jackson recovers quickly from his injuries. The doctors say that he only has to wear his walking cast for a week, so he should be primed and ready by the time GOT7’s comeback rolls around on September 29th.

As for BamBam, we hope that he’s working hard at his schedule in Thailand, as well as visiting family over there. He’s currently promoting the event “Enjoy K-Food with BamBam“, an event that’s hoping to share the deliciousness of Korean food with all of those in Thailand.

As for the rest of the boys of GOT7, we hope that they put on an awesome performance tonight for all of their fans. It’ll be difficult for them to fill-in for two missing members, but they’re pros — they can handle it.

Along with GOT7, many other top-name idols and rookies will be performing, including SHINee, B1A4, SISTAR, APink, KARA, Red Velvet, etc etc.

It will be a grand show.