GOT7 Got Love ranks #6 on Billboard’s World Album list

| July 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

GOT7 may just be Kpop rookies, but they’re definitely making a quick rise to stardom.

Their latest EP, Got Love, which was released a couple of weeks ago, is currently ranked #6 on Billboard’s World Album chart!

Now we know it’s not #1, but rank 6 is a huge achievement for a group that’s just starting out.

At this rate, GOT7 will be winning music show awards and more as soon as next year!

GOT7's Got Love mini-album is currently ranked 6th on Billboard's Top World Albums list

GOT7’s EP Got Love was a great success for such a new group.


Upon its release, it ranked #1 on various music charts and ranked high on others.

Their song “A” was met with positive reviews from both fans and netizens alike.

And it’s very hard to get the netizens’ approval.

We’re glad that GOT7 is doing so well.

These boys work very hard, and unlike other idol groups, these boys are really, really into their performances.

You can see that they really love being idols.

Congrats to GOT7 for reaching #6 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. Hopefully their next release will reach rank #1.

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